Time Card

Easy stamp with one click

Your attendance record will be displayed in month units. The time of clocking in and out, or going out and returning can be easily recorded by clicking the clock mark. The reason for a delay can be written into the Remarks column by clicking the day.

Attendance management by manager

Managers can correct the attendance data of employees and also output CSV files of attendance data for each department.

Time Card Functions

Punch In and Punch Out functions
Four statuses—the beginning and end of working hours and leaving and returning to an office—are managed.
Correction by administrators
The administrators can correct errors and omissions in the attendance data.
Date alteration
Since the time may be recorded as today, previous day, or next day, the function can be used for a wide variety of categories of business and work patterns.
Setting punching restriction
Managers can select a PC or smartphone or both to record the time of employees.
Time card output
Managers can output a CSV file for one month of attendance data of an employee at each department.