Sharing schedules

Detailed information about the schedules of inside stakeholders can be viewed. Only the date and time of the schedules of outside stakeholders can be viewed.

Apply to a stakeholder for a schedule.

You can apply for a schedule by adding a stakeholder as a participant when you register the schedule. The applicant user can be approved on the screen for the timeline and schedule.

Schedule Functions

Daily schedule
Manage the daily schedule.
Weekly schedule
Manage the weekly schedule.
Check your weekly schedule.
Monthly schedule
Manage the monthly schedule.
Check your monthly schedule.
Check schedules for several persons.
The schedules of up to 16 stakeholders can be checked for daily schedule management. Similarly, the schedules of up to 16 stakeholders can also be checked for weekly schedule management.
Simplified change function
Change, extend, or shorten the time intuitively, without checking the participants or registration time of the event.
Email transfer function
Reminder emails are sent to mobile phones before the scheduled time.
Task management
A list of your tasks is displayed on the same screen as the schedule so that tasks can be registered, completed, or their progress can be managed.