Editing company settings in R-GROUP

The managing user of a company can hide information on his/her company, registration of departments and equipment, registration of employees to R-GROUP or deletion from it, how each employee uses R-GROUP, and the functions of R-GROUP that the company does not use.

Language can be set for each employee.

Since R-GROUP supports 11 major languages, suitable languages for foreign staff can be set, if necessary.

Setting Functions

Set individual
All users can edit the detailed information about themselves.
Set company
Company information can be registered.
Set department
Information on internal departments can be managed. Branch offices, departments, and sections can be handled in accordance with the structure of the organization.
Set equipment
Information on equipment in the company can be managed and used when the schedule function is used.
Set employee
Employees of your company are displayed on a list. The list can be edited depending on the user's authority.
How employees use R-GROUP can be checked and the number of schedules or tasks registered can be determined.
Screen management
The functions that employees can use can be shown or hidden.