Stakeholder Management

You can view stakeholders here

Your stakeholders are displayed on a list. When you open the stakeholder details screen, you can start an application for a schedule, mail, chat, or toll-free call.

Stakeholder application/approval

When an application for a stakeholder is made to a user found through the stakeholder search in the upper left part of the screen, the user for whom the application is made can select to approve or reject from this screen.

Stakeholder Management Functions

Stakeholder list
Your stakeholders will be displayed on a list. Stakeholders can be searched for by name.
Stakeholder details
Brief information on stakeholders will be displayed, and an application for mailing, toll-free call, and schedule can be made depending on the device used.
New registration
Add a new user for the groupware.
Deleting stakeholder information
Unnecessary information, i.e. one of the stakeholders who left the company, can be deleted.
Searching stakeholders
Narrow the search result of the stakeholders by adding conditions.
Sort the information by listed conditions, including the names and the departments of stakeholders.