It provides all basic email functions

All basic mail functions such as attaching data, rich text, trash folder, and color coding received or sent mail are available. Of course, mail can be forwarded to other stakeholders.

Select a destination with one click

The destination can be selected from a list of stakeholders. Two or more destinations can also be selected. If mail is sent to inside stakeholders, the destinations can be selected from the units of the departments shown below the stakeholder list.


Reading email
Check email in the inbox and outbox.
Recycle bin
Delete unnecessary emails and undo when necessary.
Email transfer
You may think “I haEmails can be transferred to the registered address.
Rich text
Change the font and background colors.
Attaching a file
Data files can be attached. Data of up to 100 MB can be sent.
Checking the recipients who read the mail
Whether or not the recipients confirmed the mail can be checked by the displayed number, which shows who has read the mail, and the list of the recipients which can be opened from the displayed number. This will dramatically reduce the number of cases where there is failure to communicate important information.